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We Who, Exactly?

Who is this “We” I’ve been mentioning, anyways?


Well, there’s me, Alyssa. Or Delisha if you’re feeling cute. I’m a student, toiling office worker, home cook, aspiring ice cream cake baker, thrower of objects (usually sticks) for a yellow dog, and lover of the guy below.


This is Mac. He’s as Montana as it gets.


This is Yellow Dog. He has a name, but Yellow Dog really sums it all up. He’s also fuzzy. He likes to swim, fetch and carry things (including turkey sandwiches and stuffed toy fish) around in his mouth.


This is Killer Kitty. He also has a name, but saying it is kind of like saying Voldemort. It might make him appear, and he’s scary. I should note that although he looks pretty cute in the picture above, approximately .854 seconds after shooting that picture he scratched the crap out of my hand, and I bled, and he and that creepy little moustache looked quite pleased.

We live in the Garden City, Missoula, MT, and we quite like it here. That’s us – that’s the “We” I’ve been talking about.


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