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Fall Update


I promised myself when I started this blog I wouldn’t post any I’m-sorry-I-haven’t-updated-in-two-months posts, but …

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in two months.

Things have happened since August 17th.

Here’s a list of ten:

  1. School started. Now I’m halfway through the semester, and two-and-a-half semesters away from graduating … except for a pesky internship, but I’ll cross that bridge … you know.
  2. Mac and I made our annual trip to Plains, Montana for the Fair and Demolition Derby. I thought Mac was going to miss it for the first time in four years, but he made it after some amazing twists of fate. Sometimes fire season chooses to give, rather than take away.
  3. Then fire season decided to start. In September. It was quite inconvenient, what with me having papers to write and exams to study for. It lasted about two weeks. Then…
  4. It snowed. On October 9th. On the day of my first exam of the semester, that started at precisely 8 a.m. I couldn’t find my ice scraper. It was not exactly a delightful morning in the little house. I got a 70 percent on the exam…after an eight point correction factor (I’ll clarify – it added points). Painful.
  5. After fire season ended but before it snowed (that was about six days), I went to Reno for my mom’s birthday. I flew in without her knowing (on a Friday afternoon flight connecting to Reno and Las Vegas – talk about a party plane!), sneakily took the airport shuttle to the hotel, rode an elevator up 18 flights, praying the whole way that she wouldn’t have a heart attack, and knocked on the door. She might’ve cried, but she didn’t die, and she was surprised. It was an amazing trip, just my mom and my sisters and I. We went to the Melting Pot. I dipped a chocolate marshmallow in molten milk chocolate. Oh yes, I did. Oh! And my sisters rode the mechanical bull at a Cadillac Ranch. There was tequila, and cab rides we were sure would end in fiery death, and pajamas and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches from room service at 4 a.m., and a spa day, and we lost mom for a little while but then we found her again, and I almost beat up some guy for something I don’t really remember. Did I mention there was tequila? Then we went to my hometown and I saw the rest of my crazy wonderful family, and it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very, very, long time.
  6. Suddenly I have two yellow dogs. One of them is just a loaner, but I’m considering denying her existence when they come back for her. Her big droopy eyes and gangly legs and giant paws kill me. Yellow Dog loves her, especially when she chews on his neck so much we can’t find his collar and I seriously consider that she might have eaten it.
  7. These two shows started!
  8. The Griz are still undefeated…but this guy is kind of raining on my (and his team’s) parade.
  9. I’m involved in this Swap-O-Rama-Rama Missoula thing. It is going to be awesome. I am not just saying that because about 40% of my grade in a class I have to pass to graduate depends on it. It really, really is going to be awesome. You should come, and bring everyone you know, and swap clothes that don’t inspire you anymore for something else that does. Then use sewing machine stations and a silk screen machine to alter it into something completely yours. Turn a t-shirt into a cardigan, or a pair of jeans into a skirt, or a kilt, or a hat, or shoes. You’re creative, you can do it. Let Swap-O-Rama-Rama unleash that creativity, November 8, 2009 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the North Ballroom at the University Center on the UM Campus. Please.
  10. Oh, wait. This is a food blog? Fine. Here’s a sub-list. This still counts as ten.
  • The CSA ended on October 5th – that’s one bonus week! It was going to stretch another week, but then it snowed (see #4 above).
  • I made a red velvet ice cream cake with cheesecake ice cream for a friend’s birthday. It was amazingly delicious. The cheesecake ice cream with lemon zest was the perfect complement to the rich cake. I have no pictures, but it was gorgeous. I used Smitten Kitchen’s red velvet cake recipe, and yes, before you ask, it calls for three small bottles of red food coloring. Three.
  • Um. That may be the only thing that I cooked worth mentioning.

That probably brings us full circle. Between life and the living of it, I haven’t been cooking much. There’s been a shameful amount of takeout, Top Ramen, and cookies consumed in the little house for the past two months. There was a pot roast sandwich that was pretty heavenly … but that’s about it.

So here’s to fall – to pumpkins and cider, to soups and stews, football and blustery days, and … to blogging again.


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Yellow Dog on his 4th Birthday


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We Who, Exactly?

Who is this “We” I’ve been mentioning, anyways?


Well, there’s me, Alyssa. Or Delisha if you’re feeling cute. I’m a student, toiling office worker, home cook, aspiring ice cream cake baker, thrower of objects (usually sticks) for a yellow dog, and lover of the guy below.


This is Mac. He’s as Montana as it gets.


This is Yellow Dog. He has a name, but Yellow Dog really sums it all up. He’s also fuzzy. He likes to swim, fetch and carry things (including turkey sandwiches and stuffed toy fish) around in his mouth.


This is Killer Kitty. He also has a name, but saying it is kind of like saying Voldemort. It might make him appear, and he’s scary. I should note that although he looks pretty cute in the picture above, approximately .854 seconds after shooting that picture he scratched the crap out of my hand, and I bled, and he and that creepy little moustache looked quite pleased.

We live in the Garden City, Missoula, MT, and we quite like it here. That’s us – that’s the “We” I’ve been talking about.

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