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Mixed Quasi-Grill

102_0789What do we do when the mass of CSA veggies completely overwhelms us? When the fridge almost won’t shut, and when we do open it and hazard to move the milk, onions roll across the floor?

I take everything out, and I cook it. All of it. Well – almost all of it.

This is one of those meals. Those meatballs are actually venison burger from the freezer, seasoned and grilled. They’re served on a pita with a drizzle of homemade ranch dressing (we had no yogurt to make tzatziki, unfortunately) and Sriracha. The vegetables were originally skewered and taken out to the grill, but we didn’t have enough coals to really cook them, so I ended up sauteing them in a nice hot cast iron pan to get a grill-type char on them and cook them until just crisp-tender.

The meal could’ve been a massive fail (the meat, it was close. Did I mention I put it on sticks first? That was a ridiculous idea) but it ended up working out, deliciously.

No recipe here – just desperation.


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